Jesus Chronicles

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Jesus Chronicles
The Lost Teachings


                  Who was Jesus?   What was his real message?

                  Why was his teaching on Karma and Reincarnation removed?

                  Who removed it?

Jesus Chronicles unravels the mystery of the life and teachings of Jesus and the attempts through 2000 years by emperors and popes and the power elite to conceal his original message - the Ascension Path of the Soul.  Read the records preserved in the sacred scripts and scrolls of East and West which tell of his journeys in Egypt, India, Tibet and Britain through Coptic and Gnostic Gospels, Celtic manuscripts, Buddhist scrolls and sacred Hindu text.

Trace the true origins of the Christian Church, the first Mission established at Glastonbury, England by Joseph of Arimathea, Mary the mother of Jesus and the first followers who fled from Palestine following the Crucifixion.  Of the protection afforded them by the Celtic Druid Royal House and the 'twelve hides of land' bestowed on them and recorded in the Domesday Book.  Exploring the influence of power and status which would define the direction the church would eventually take.

The book draws upon the esoteric records tracing the spiritual lineage of Jesus and the Master souls who supported his mission to Earth as a Divine Incarnation in preparation for the critical transition from the Piscean Age to the Age of Aquarius.  A timely warning for the present.

               Discover his original teachings on:

                   Karma and Rebirth;
                   Divine Law and the Power of the Spoken Word;
                   The Law of Cycles, Metaphysics, Spiritual Alchemy
                   and the Journey of the Soul through Realms and Spheres.

Download free read chapter:  Jesus Chronicles Free Read Chapter 11.pdf

Books by Carol Lamb

Copyright © 1991 to 2013 Carol Lamb

This is the story of the journey of the soul, the continuity of consciousness beyond the body and most of all, remembering.  A healer’s paranormal experience of retained soul memory of other lives, of premonition and pre-cognition, never discussed until a predestined meeting forty years later triggered a tsunami of events.  The book is an investigation into paranormal experience, memory of other lives and angelic connection.  A true account of spontaneous soul recognition of shared lives, initially experienced by an unsuspecting group who came together in 1991 to become the story tellers from the past.

Born Remembering documents the benevolent communication of Ascended Masters Guiding planetary evolution, as we face the challenges of the transition to a new Age of consciousness.  Direct channelled communication and the step by step fulfillment of prophetic guidance indicated predestination.  The unfolding of a divine blueprint revealed a Life Plan and shared purpose along with a request to:

‘Tell them... You come to the Earth of learning... you learn or fail to learn...
you return and return again to the vain forgetting and the endless remembering of home.’

Download free read chapter:  Born_Remembering_Chap_1.pdf

Truth and Light Chronicles
A Spiritual History of Mankind

Why is mankind facing cataclysmic changes, manifesting as war, famine, plague and climate change?  The four horsemen of the apocalypse appear to be riding.  Are we on the brink of disaster or a spiritual renewal as we approach the end of a major astrological cycle and a new Age.  How is it possible that the dates of major world events including 9/11 are charted in the stones of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, a coded message for our generation today?

Is there a Divine Plan?  What of the continuity of the soul?  Does a God ordained hierarchy of spiritual Masters continue patiently to guide the people of Earth, to steer us towards our fullest potential?  Do we accept the Geometry Of Divinity or subscribe to the theory of chaos?  Are we held in the palm of a Creator or in the grip of the gods of science?

Prophecy reminds the soul of its destiny; sounds a warning, while allowing the free will with which we are endowed to operate.  We should have a care, for an ordered Cosmos is of infinitely greater importance than the individual rights afforded to this small corner of this galaxy.  The choice lies before us: war and potential annihilation or aspire to the highest and the best, to become co-creators of a new reality.

Download free read chapter:  Truth and Light Chronicles Chap 3.pdf

Born Remembering

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